Project Legacy – A New Era

On 16 February 2015 Royal Auckland Golf Club Incorporated and The Grange Golf Club Incorporated entered into the Amalgamation Agreement whereby, subject to fulfilment of various conditions precedent, the two clubs would form an amalgamated club.

The Amalgamation Agreement had previously been approved and authorised by a requisite majority of members of both the Royal Auckland Golf Club Incorporated and The Grange Golf Club Incorporated at respective Special General Meetings on 18 November 2014.

On 11 May 2015 the Amalgamation duly became operative. The Club has subsequently changed its name to Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club Incorporated.

The overarching objective of the Amalgamation was to develop and establish for the long term the premier golf club and golfing facility within the Auckland region and comparable with the best metropolitan golf clubs in Australasia.

In achieving the foregoing there are the further overarching objectives, as follows:


The Course – to develop a top quality golf course and practice facilities which meet the present and likely future needs of the members and which will provide enduring challenge and pleasure to golfers of all ages and talents (both men and women);

Membership – to ensure continuance of a strong sustainable and compatible membership (both men and women) with on-going inflows of new and younger members consistent with maintaining reasonable course access; and

Values – to ensure long term financial prudence and stability, first class governance and management and the due maintaining of unified and continuing club spirit and standards.

The essential proposition, all of which will be funded from the sale of surplus land is to:

  • Redevelop the Grange and Middlemore golf courses into a new 27 hole course comprising the Middlemore, Grange and Tamaki Nines designed by Chris Cochran of Nicklaus Design.
  • Build a new, centrally located clubhouse designed by Patterson Architects.
  • Build a new 100m x300m driving range and short game facility.
  • Build new course maintenance facilities and staff housing.

The expected programme is as follows:



Integration of the Clubs on Middlemore property



Course construction commences on Grange property



Purchaser takes possession of surplus Grange land



New course holes on Grange property and Clubhouse open



Purchaser takes possession of surplus Middlemore land

April +


All 27 holes and driving range open for play


On 1 August 2017 the two Clubs fully integrate on the Middlemore property, ending, in their current form, a 93 year history for The Grange Golf Club and a 123 year history for Royal Auckland Golf Club.

This does however mark the commencement of a new and exciting era for the amalgamated Club, one that will ensure that it remains current and sustainable.