Tamaki Hole 7 Profile

Tamaki Hole 7

Par 4

402 M/440 Yds

392 M/429 Yds

346 M/378 Yds

362 M/396 Yds

324 M/354 Yds

235 M/257 Yds

This hole provides fantastic risk/reward options. There is ample fairway area off the tee, although visually this does not appear to be the case. There are options to use a driver and to take on the left side which provides a better angle to the green, or to use a 3 wood or hybrid and to lay up on the right side. An approach shot from the right side however requires a longer carry over the mangroves which run the entire length of this hole, and also make missing the green to the right potentially costly.

Hole Flyover