Grange Hole 2 Profile

Grange Hole 2

Par 4

315 M/344 Yds

315 M/344 Yds

279 M/304 Yds

288 M/315 Yds

255 M/279 Yds

215 M/235 Yds

Maybe Chris Cochran’s favourite hole on the property, this short par 4 is full of options and they are all there to see from this elevated tee. The wide fairway invites the golfer to hit a long drive, but anything long and left of center will have to contend with a large gum tree that protects access to the green from the left side of the fairway.

A safer play off the tee is a fairway wood or hybrid hit up the right side, avoiding the strategically positioned bunker which is in range. Even if you pull this left slightly, you will still be far enough back to hit over the gum tree.

A subtle “Biarritz” type green demands distance control for your second shot, which will generally be with a short iron.

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