Grange Hole 7 Profile

Grange Hole 7

Par 5

486 M/531 Yds

486 M/531 Yds

438 M/479 Yds

453 M/495 Yds

402 M/440 Yds

367 M/401 Yds

The view from the tee on the only Par 5 on this nine presents a narrow landing area, but a well struck drive that finds the fairway will put you in a position to reach the green in two.

The fescue mounds essentially split the fairway for a second shot lay-up. When the pin is cut on the left side of the green the strategy will be to play an approach from the left side, and vice versa when the pin is cut on the right portion of the green.

The left and right side of this expansive green is separated by a large slope, and any ball ending up on the side of the green opposite to where the pin is will be faced with a challenging 2 putt. This short Par 5 provides a birdie chance, particularly if it plays downwind, but navigating the obstacles that await will require a sound strategy and good shot making.

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