Grange Hole 8 Profile

Grange Hole 8

Par 3

230 M/251 Yds

197 M/215 Yds

160 M/175 Yds

173 M/189 Yds

102 M/112 Yds

90 M/98Yds

This long par 3 plays will play slightly up hill, but with the prevailing wind behind and over the golfers left shoulder will help feed the ball towards the green.

The “Redan” style green is very receptive to left to right shaped shots. You will need to note that when the pin is on the back half of the green, be sure to avoid hitting your ball long and over the back of the green as a large gully awaits. Hitting your tee shot well to the left of the pin will allowing the green contours to feed the ball back to the to the pin.

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