Grange Hole 9 Profile

Grange Hole 9

Par 4

401 M/439 Yds

401 M/439 Yds

359 M/393 Yds

377 M/412 Yds

314 M/343 Yds

205 M/224 Yds

On the tee you will be presented with a water hazard right of the fairway and with the fairway pitching strongly from left to right, it will be tempting to drive the ball favoring the left side of the fairway.

Drives finding the left side of the fairway will have a strong downhill lie facing an uphill approach shot over water to a split level green that favours a right to left shaped shot. This may be the most demanding shot on entire golf course.

For those members who may not have the ball flight and or strength to carry the water, there is a green short of the water. This green is at the end of the fairway that those members who decide, can play to. The small green is more visible and invites shots being played from the right half of the fairway.

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