Health & Safety at the Club

Safe practices have been adopted for this course and all players are asked to note the following procedures to prevent injury to players and staff from golf balls and equipment.

Golfing Risks

A golf course can be a hazardous environment, and players must remain vigilant at all times to prevent accidental injury to themselves and others.

Golf Balls:

  • Members are not to hit a golf ball when another Member or worker is within striking distance of your ball landing.
  • Members must call FORE if their ball is heading towards another person.

Practice Swings:

  • Members are to ensure they are 5 metres away from another Member when taking a practice swing.

Golf Carts:

  •  These are to be driven with care at all times.

Golfers are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all persons on the course.

Natural Risks

At all times Members must abide by the Club Ruling on the day of play. These will be posted on the website, as a voicemail message on the phone and on MiClub.


  • Members must not hit a golf ball if they cannot see the flight direction of that ball, and where it could potentially land, unless they are confident not member or RAGGC worker is ahead of them.


  • Members may not play golf when there is a heavy frost.

Wet Conditions:

  • Members must not use carts if the conditions are too wet. Care must be taken when walking the course in wet conditions. It is recommended that walking members avoid all wooden areas and drains.

Lightning Strike:

Below is a summary of safety measures in the event of a lightning strike:

  1. Anyone struck directly by lightning will be seriously burnt and is likely to have stopped breathing.
  2. If caught in the open when an electrical storm develops, count the time gap between the lightning flash and the sound of thunder. Each second of delay between a lightning flash and the thunder is approximately one kilometre of distance. If the gap is less than 5 seconds, take emergency precautions immediately. These are as follows:
       a.  Get into a car or building if possible.
       b.  If you are in the open, stay clear of wire fences, large trees, hilltops and metal tools or equipment
  3. In the open, it is safer lying on the ground than standing up.
  4. If a worker is operating a mower or tractor with ground contact implements, the machine is to be left and no person is to be within a 50 metre distance.

Works Risks

Course employees have the right of way at all times.

Fairway & Rough Maintenance

  • Players must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind, or out of range, before playing their shots. Alternatively, golfers may be call on by the operator to lay.

Greens Maintenance

  • If a green is being worked upon by staff, and the flagstick is not in the hole, players are not to hit to the green until the flagstick is replaced and the green is cleared, or they have been called up.

Other Situations

  • Spraying of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals is an essential part of course maintenance. Warning signs regarding spraying will be displayed on all starting tees when toxic chemicals are in use. A member or visitor is advised that it is at their own discretion if they chose to use the course on days when chemicals have been applied.

Health & Safety Guide

A Golfer’s Health & Safety Guide is now available from the RAGGC Golf Shop, and in the Locker Rooms, advising Members and Guests of HSW protocols on the course. There is also an Incident Report form on the back, that can be completed if an incident occurs. The Club suggests that a copy of this be accessible in your golf bag.

Please note: All near misses are to be reported to the Administration Office.