Course Care

Pitch Mark Repair

Members are encouraged to use a single prong pitch repairer. Directions for using these are as follows:

  1. Gently push a single prong repairer into the raised turf around the ball mark
  2. Push a single prong pitch repairer vertically in and around the ball mark
  3. Repeat this action around the ball mark
  4. Lightly tamp, fluff, and aerate

Divot Repair

While the Course Maintenance team undertake weekly divot filling with sand, it is each Member’s responsibility to attend to their divot by knocking the edges of the divot in using a golf club. As illustrated below, the club should be used from both sides of the divot to reduce the damage and to aid faster recovery.

Landing in an unrepaired divot is extremely frustrating. Unrepaired divots also encourage weed activity.

Bunker Raking

A significant part of golfing etiquette involves ensuring that the course is left in the condition in which it was found. Bunkers require particular care, as illustrated below.

  1. Enter and leave the bunker from the lowest point
  2. Take the rake to where the shot will be played
  3. After the shot has been played, the rake should be used to level the sand and rake the footprints as you exit
  4. Knock off any sand that has accumulated on your shoes so that the sand is not tracked across the turf
  5. After use, place the rake in the middle of the bunker in the direction of play