Membership Nominations

Important Information for Proposers and Seconders

If you are considering to Propose a candidate for Membership of the Club, the Proposer must, in the first instance, write to the Club Captain outlining their intention to do so. The letter/email should contain background to the relationship between the Proposer and the candidate, as well as why they believe the candidate will make a good member.

The information should comprise of the following:

  • The candidates name, address and age.
  • The name of the intended Seconder.
  • A summary of the candidate’s sporting/golfing and career background.
  • Particulars of any family connection with present or former members of the Club.

After consideration by the Committee, if agreed, an Application Form will be sent to the Proposer who is responsible for assisting the applicant to complete it. It is the duty of the Proposer and Seconder to ensure the Application Form is correct before submitting it to the Committee. The Application Form must contain the endorsement of 12 Referees (5 Referees for Junior applicants). The Proposer, Seconder and Referees must have all been members of the Club for 5 years, as well as have known the candidate for 5 years. The Referees also need to be a strong cross section of members of the Club.

The Club will establish the eligibility of all Referees, verifying their relationship with the candidate. Once the Referees are validated, the Proposer and Seconder will be asked to endorse the Nomination Papers. A Ballot Paper will be completed and posted on the Club’s Notice Board for 14 days.

There may be times when the Committee may choose to meet the applicant via a formal interview or through a game of golf.

At the Committee Meeting immediately following the 14 days on the Notice Board, each of the Committee Members, President and Vice-Presidents, will return the Ballot Sheet on which they have voted to approve, or otherwise, the candidate’s application for Membership.

The newly elected Member will then be invited to membership of the Club and invoiced for Entrance Fees and Subscription Fees, on a pro rata basis as required. Along with the invoice, the new Member will receive a welcome letter inviting them to meet with the Chief Executive and/or the Director of Golf.

At that meeting, the new Member will be inducted into the Club and receive their Welcome Pack. A photo will be taken for the Club records.

Early each year, Members who have joined in the previous 12 months will be invited, along with their Proposer and spouse, to an annual New Members’ Cocktail evening.