Tamaki Hole 4 Profile

Tamaki Hole 4

Par 4

455 M/498 Yds

428 M/468 Yds

352 M/385 yds

428 M/468 Yds

346 M/378 Yds

324 M/354 Yds

Tamaki 4 is the longest Par 4 at Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club. With the prevailing wind coming from behind and from the right however, most players should be able to reach the green in two shots following a well struck drive, if playing from the correct tee.

Key will be to carry the fairway bunker off the tee in order to set yourself up to fly the deep swale which is located in front of the green for your second shot. A pulled second shot could find itself in a wetland area which lies at the bottom of the steep slope off the left side of this green. The right side of this green is the safe side.

The green is large and receptive and gently contoured, as you would expect on a long Par 4. A Par on this hole will certainly feel more like a birdie given its length and the danger left.

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