Grange Hole 4 Profile

Grange Hole 4

Par 3

144 M/157 Yds

144 M/157 Yds

116 M/127 Yds

122 M/133 Yds

92 M/101 Yds

82 M/90 Yds

The first Par 3 on the Grange course might be a short Par 3, but wind will be a major factor in determine the challenge that it presents.

The prevailing wind will be into you and this will test your ball striking to the fullest, as will the right to left breeze with the water all down the left of the hole. The right club selection and nerve is required to hit this green and to set up any chance of a birdie.

Once you have navigated the water, there are still bunkers to the left front and right of the green that will catch any miss-hit shot.

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